MASTERNODES №4 – Profit taking

MASTERNODES №4 - Profit taking

MASTERNODES №4 Profit taking. In this final article about the topic of masternode and learn about profit taking.


- Profit taking

MASTERNODES №4 Profit taking

By to my observations the vast majority of PoS projects supporting masternodes CHEAPER over time. This means that in most cases coins must be completely drained sooner or later.

Question: WHEN and HOW MUCH?

After all some coins may last longer than others. And some of they can even grow significantly in price in the first months. To be honest, then Nobody knows the true answer because we cannot see the future. AT In general, two main strategies can be distinguished:

PROFITABLE (risky) – we use prize coins to connect new masternodes and generate more daily income.

SAFE (low-breathing) – we put all the income from the masternode on the stock exchange and record the profit without waiting.

Profitable strategy.

Than the project exists longer, the greater the risk that the price of a coin collapse. Therefore, in new projects, allow the use of PROFITABLE (risky) strategy 1-2 months.

Safe strategy.

If If you are entering a project with a very high ROI, the first thing you need to do is take profit in the amount that you spent on connecting nodes. Only then can one take risks (already not invested money, but earned).

Even if you decide take risks on a PROFITABLE strategy (save coins to connect new masternodes), do not forget to display some part of the coins on the exchange. For example 25% of income. So you have to wait a little longer so connect a new node. But with this method, you’ll be disappointed, if prices suddenly collapse (you will fix some part of the profit).

One of the most successful strategies is connecting masternodes from the NEW PROJECTS, instead of connecting new nodes from the same project (I want to do this if you see good profitability and you already familiar with the connection process).

Do not store all eggs in one basket.

Than the more different projects you plug in, the better because it reduces risks. It is unlikely to bend all your projects at once.

– Many different projects = good

– Many of the same nodes = bad

Market condition

condition The crypt wound greatly affects the cost of masternodes. If the market crashes (as it is now), then try to exit projects early (3-4 months and all). If the market is growing, then options are possible 5-6 months (while the market is growing)

P.s I hope someone was interested in the topic, maybe someone reading this will find a new job for themselves. P.p.s Have fun learning! I hope the posts were made not in vain


Profit taking

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