Mining temperature conditions


I have long wanted to write a review on this topic, but somehow my hands didn’t reach, and the topic is actually primarily interesting only to those who are starting to mine, so I’ll talk a little about my practice. The temperature of video cards in the mining is normal at 60-70 ° C degrees, less is better, more is worse, this could be finished, but let’s take a look at the features and how to keep the temperature down.

In general, exceeding the threshold of 80 ° C will be a critical temperature for video cards, nothing good will work here, but thermal pads can leak and generally it’s better not to bring this up.

The most important factor is the temperature in the room and of course that it is always the same, there are already a bunch of methods: hoods, a fan, air conditioners, etc. .. I personally use air conditioning. But even in the heat of heat he can’t cope with the whole temperature.

To reduce the temperature on video cards during the heatwave, the first thing I do is set the cooler speed on video cards to 100% already at 70-72 ° C. If this is not enough, what happens on Zotac GTX 1080 cards personally, they get the most heat, the most effective a method of lowering the temperature in this case, reducing the PowerLimit indicator in Afterburner, but do not sharply reduce everything by 0, for example, I had an indicator of 80, reducing it to 70, the temperature dropped about 5-6 degrees, which is not enough. And if this does not help, then only look for options to reduce the temperature in the room. And of course, basic things such as place cards away from each other in Riga …

To be clearly visible here are my current performance on a farm of 6 rx580:

Mining operating temperature

In any case, I try not to exceed the threshold of 70 ° C, but here is a screenshot from the farm on the GeForce GTX 1080 and simultaneous mining on the AMD FX-8320 processor:

Mining temperature

Here, as you can see, the indicators are higher and the processor is right there, the temperature at 72 ° C is quite normal, the processors can be warmed harder but I also do not recommend it above 80, although many say that 90 degrees is acceptable. In terms of temperature control, everything mainly depends only on the cooler that you stick to it, I recommend not to save then the temperature on the processor will be lower, in my opinion the best option is Deepcool Gammaxx 300, but I use Deepcool Ice Blade 100 it’s cheaper but in my indoors as you see on average 70 ° С.

That’s actually all I wanted to say about the temperature in mining, watch it, fight, etc.

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