Temperature conditions in the mining of cryptocurrencies on the CPU and GPU


I have long wanted to write a review on this topic, but somehow my hands didn’t reach, and the topic is actually primarily interesting only to those who are starting to mine, so I’ll talk a little about my practice. The temperature of video cards in the mining is normal at 60-70 ° C degrees, less is better, more is worse, this could be finished, but let’s take a look at the features and how to keep the temperature down.

In general, exceeding the threshold of 80 ° C will be a critical temperature for video cards, nothing good will work here, but thermal pads can leak and generally it’s better not to bring this up.

The most important factor is the temperature in the room and of course that it is always the same, there are already a bunch of methods: hoods, a fan, air conditioners, etc. .. I personally use air conditioning. But even in the heat of heat he can’t cope with the whole temperature.

To reduce the temperature on video cards during the heatwave, the first thing I do is set the cooler speed on video cards to 100% already at 70-72 ° C. If this is not enough, what happens on Zotac GTX 1080 cards personally, they get the most heat, the most effective a method of lowering the temperature in this case, reducing the PowerLimit indicator in Afterburner, but do not sharply reduce everything by 0, for example, I had an indicator of 80, reducing it to 70, the temperature dropped about 5-6 degrees, which is not enough. And if this does not help, then only look for options to reduce the temperature in the room. And of course, basic things such as place cards away from each other in Riga …

To be clearly visible here are my current performance on a farm of 6 rx580:

Mining operating temperature

In any case, I try not to exceed the threshold of 70 ° C, but here is a screenshot from the farm on the GeForce GTX 1080 and simultaneous mining on the AMD FX-8320 processor:

Mining temperature

Here, as you can see, the indicators are higher and the processor is right there, the temperature at 72 ° C is quite normal, the processors can be warmed harder but I also do not recommend it above 80, although many say that 90 degrees is acceptable. In terms of temperature control, everything mainly depends only on the cooler that you stick to it, I recommend not to save then the temperature on the processor will be lower, in my opinion the best option is Deepcool Gammaxx 300, but I use Deepcool Ice Blade 100 it’s cheaper but in my indoors as you see on average 70 ° С.

Setting the Temperature Condition of Video Cards in Mining

Video cards adapted for mining are equipped with an efficient cooling system. If you properly assembled the rig and regularly carry out maintenance, graphics adapters can work on cryptocurrency mining for 2.5-3 years. But, for this you need to maintain an optimal temperature regime. Overheating of the gpu device leads to increased wear of the cooler and the blade of the graphics chip. The normal temperature of the video card in mining is the key to a stable profit for the miner. But, what GPU temperature is considered acceptable, and how to maximize the life of computing equipment in mining? We will tell you about this now.

Optimal graphics card temperature

It should be noted right away that the indicator of the normal temperature of a video card in mining, to some extent, depends on the device model, mining algorithm and overclocking parameters.

  • On ether, the operating temperature of the GPU is higher than on crypto, but if mining ETH is more profitable, it does not always make sense to switch to a “colder” coin.
  • The popular Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti model without the OHGODANETHLARGEMENTPILL utility produces a maximum of 38 Mh/s on Etherum at 58/59C. If you install the “magic pill”, the hashrate increases to 54.5 mh / s, and the average temperature of the video card will be about 70C, and this is not a reason to panic.

For AMD Rx 570/580 series devices, the normal temperature of the video card on the most profitable Ethash algorithm is in the range of 58-62C, the new RTX 5700 series devices have approximately the same values. Most of all, graphics adapters heat up on the ProgPow and X16Rv2 algorithms, but the extraction of these coins is not very profitable yet. True, there are rumors that Ethereum may soon switch to ProgPow to protect against ASICs.

 In principle, any video card with heat pipes in the cooling system can operate at 70-75C, but as practice shows, red video cards do not warm up to such a temperature under normal conditions. However, it all depends on the operating conditions.

Mining farm cooling

Follow the instructions for assembling the mining farm. It is necessary to correctly calculate the size of the frame so that the video cards do not stand very tightly to each other. And also they should be as far as possible from the power supply and cpu, the fans of which will blow hot air over them.

And keep in mind, constantly mining in a PC case is the murder of a video card. You can conduct a test and, if you decide to engage in crypto mining, transfer the card to the riser, or, at least, remove the side cover of the case. You can install a water block on top Nvidia video cards, but it’s not cheap.

Fresh air supply

Do not operate the equipment when the room temperature exceeds 35C. The maximum temperature of the video card directly depends on the air temperature in the room. Regularly ventilate the room in which the rig is installed, if it is very hot in summer, buy additional fans to blow the farm.

Dust how to clean video cards

Periodically stop the rig for maintenance. Over time, dust collects on the hardware, which reduces the life of the video card during mining. It is necessary to thoroughly blow the devices with compressed air once a month. Computer stores sell spray cans for this, but it’s better to buy an electric blower for cleaning and drying, or a garden vacuum cleaner.

Monitor GPU temperature

On  Claymore’s or Phoenix  , the GPU temperature and fan speed will be displayed in the program window. But if your crypto mining software does not support this option, please install MSI Afterburner or Tech power up GPU-Z.

MSI Afterburner

Overclocking and reducing power consumption

Setting the optimal overclocking parameters and undervolting will help ensure the normal temperature of the video card. The latest Claymore’s or Phoenix utilities allow you to:

  • Reduce the voltage of the graphics core and device memory (parameters -cvddc and -mvdc).
  • Adjust power consumption limit.
  • Adjust overclocking and cooler rotation speed.

The voltage can be lowered by about 10-15% and this will not be reflected in the hashrate and stability of work, but the temperature of the GPU and power consumption will decrease and extend its service life in mining. Highly overclocked memory and core clocks will result in crashes and higher GPU temperatures, so avoid overclocking. And it is not at all necessary to set the maximum rotational speed of the cooler. You will lower the temperature a little, but the fan bearings will fail much faster.

Important!  Do not leave the rig unattended for a long time. Sudden failure of one fan will cause the gpu device to overheat. If the room is strong in the summer and the gpu temperature is close to critical, go to a less energy-intensive algorithm.

Previously, AMD video cards were transferred to Monero in the summer, but now this coin has switched to Random X and it has become unprofitable to mine it. The altcoin Boolberry (BBR) based on the Wild Keccack algorithm was rather cold and profitable, however, now this project is going through hard times.

Perhaps, among the forks of kryptonite or on other algorithms, there are profitable coins that allow you to keep the normal temperature of video cards in the summer. But if the GPU temperature on profitable coins is only 2-3 degrees higher than optimal, you can ignore it. The main thing is to regularly clean the mining farm from dust and ventilate the room. And yet, in the settings of the executable file of Claymore’s or Phoenix there is an option  -tstop , which allows you to stop mining if the temperature of the GPU becomes critical. Be sure to write down this parameter, set, for example:  -tstop 80 , so you will save the card from overheating in case of a sudden cooler failure.


Well, now you know what the maximum temperature of the video card is allowed in mining. A crypto mining rig, like any complex technique, needs maintenance, and if you don’t like to mess with hardware, then perhaps mining is not your element. But do not think that only advanced computer scientists can engage in cryptocurrency mining. Every experienced PC user can assemble and run a gpu-rig. Our site has a lot of material on this topic.

That’s actually all I wanted to say about the temperature in mining, watch it, fight, etc.

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