Nanominer v3.6.6: Download with NVIDIA LHR unlock

Nanominer v3.6.6: Скачать с разблокировкой LHR NVIDIA

We are pleased to present you the newest version of nanominer from nanopool. Nanominer is a universal tool for mining cryptocurrencies based on Ethash, Etchash, KawPow, Octopus(CFX), Ubqhash, Cuckaroo30, RandomX, Verushash and Autolykos(ERGO) algorithms. This tool is suitable for both beginners and professional users. Fast, reliable, efficient.

GitHub Download Link:

Nanominer – is a cryptocurrency miner that runs on AMD, NVIDIA video cards and on the CPU. It supports dual mining mode, overclocking and power limit control. There is a convenient web-interface for tracking statistics. It is mainly used for mining such cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Zilliqa and Ergo.

  • Nvidia: Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Conflux, QuarkChain, Ubiq, Monero, VerusCoin, Ergo
  • AMD: Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Conflux, QuarkChain, Ubiq, Monero, Cortex, VerusCoin, Ergo
  • CPU: RandomX in parallel with the GPU.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.

Competitive advantages of Nanominer

  • AMD / Nvidia or / and CPU – it’s up to you, nanominer supports both types of GPUs for mining Ethash, Etchash, KawPow, Octopus (CFX), Ubqhash, Cuckaroo30, RandomX, Verushash and Autolykos (ERGO).
  • AMD and/or CPU – These algorithms are only supported with AMD Cuckaroo30 cards (AMD Radeon RX 570 16GB GPU), you can also use CPU for Random X.
  • Double, triple or quad-core mining – you can set up nanominer to mine RandomX on CPUs and Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Conflux, QuarkChain, Ubiq, Monero, VerusCoin, Ergo on GPUs without losing performance. Moreover, you can install all these algorithms simultaneously on different GPUs.
  • Fastest KawPow on AMD – we added the best implementation of KawPow algorithm for AMD GPUs with more than 3 GB of memory with the lowest possible CPU load.
  • Cross-platform: nanominer will bring you profit regardless of the OS. Supported platforms: Windows and Linux.
  • Incredible web interface – you will enjoy all the features and benefits that nanominer web interface provides . Remotely monitor and manage your installations as well as scan your local network for and work with other installations that nanominer runs on.
  • Built-in overclocking – we have added options to overclock coreClocks and memClocks for Nvidia cards in Windows.
  • Stable and autonomous : nanominer is able to monitor the state of the video cards and in case of a hardware error (e.g. a drop in hash rate or a GPU hang-up) can reboot itself or restart the whole system.
  • Advanced statistics: in addition to the hash rate, nanominer will inform you about the temperature of the GPUs, power consumption*, average hash rate for each algorithm, and much more.
  • 24/7 Technical Support : Our support team will answer all your questions quickly and happily.
  • No SmartScreen alert : we pass Microsoft security checks and Windows Defender does not recognize nanominer as a threat (does not remove or interfere with it). The Windows version of nanominer is digitally signed, so it cannot contain viruses.
  • Efficient mining: high performance and efficient use of electricity.
  • BoringAPI is a new advanced miner statistics protocol that allows nanominer to provide a wide range of useful information: here . The remote ETHman manager is also supported by nanominer.
  • Flexibility of customization : nanominer is ready to work, you just need to specify a wallet. However, if you are an experienced user, additional parameters will help you customize the miner according to your understanding of the best efficiency.

Developer fee for using nanominer takes the form of a commission from mining to his wallets once per 2 hours of work. The commission is:

  • 1% of the total mining time for Ethash, Ubqhash and CryptoNight algorithms (72 seconds in 2 hours);
  • 2% for the Cuckaroo29 algorithm (144 seconds in 2 hours);
  • 3% for RandomHash on CPU (216 seconds in 2 hours).

Features of the version 3.6.6

100% LHR unlock for Nvidia v1 and v2 GPUs.

  • Fixed 90% LHR unlock for Nvidia 3080 12 Gb.
  • Fixed high CPU load with disabled GPU hardware acceleration for ProgPow family of algorithms (KawPow, FiroPow) on Nvidia GPUs.

Recommended drivers: 512.77 on Windows and 510.60.02 on Linux. 100% LHR Unblock does not work on 512.95 and 515.x at the moment.

nanominer is a software product developed by nanopool for creating cryptocurrency structural units based on the following algorithms:

AlgoCoinDev Fee (once per 2 hours)AMDNvidiaCPU
EthashETH & other1%

nanominer also supports Zilliqa mining in current configurations (see configuration examples):

ConfigurationMerged (same pool)Split (different pools)
When mining Zilliqa on another pool, nanominer will use the 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ETH/ETC address to authorize on the Zilliqa pool.

Run from command line

You can run nanominer from the command line with the necessary arguments. You must transfer at least one algorithm and wallet. All general configuration options on the command line must be specified before the first “algo” parameter. Here are command line examples for running Ethereum and Monero:

  • Windows:
nanominer.exe -algo ethash -wallet YOUR_ETH_WALLET -coin eth -rigName YOUR_ETH_WORKER -email YOUR_EMAIL -algo randomx -wallet YOUR_XMR_WALLET -coin xmr -rigName YOUR_XMR_WORKER -email YOUR_EMAIL 
  • Linux:
./nanominer -algo ethash -wallet YOUR_ETH_WALLET -coin eth -rigName YOUR_ETH_WORKER -email YOUR_EMAIL -algo randomx -wallet YOUR_XMR_WALLET -coin xmr -rigName YOUR_XMR_WORKER -email YOUR_EMAIL 

If no algorithm is specified, ethash is used by default. Therefore, the following commands will run the ethash algorithm:

  • Windows:
nanominer.exe -wallet YOUR_WALLET
  • Linux:
./nanominer -wallet YOUR_WALLET

The helper scripts folder with all its contents is still there for those who use it.

How to run Nanominer via batch file


In order to work with NVIDIA video cards, you need:

  • driver 411.31 and higher on Windows,
  • Nvidia driver 410.48 and newer on Linux.

The cuda11 version requires driver 456.38 or later on Windows or Nvidia 455.23 or later on Linux. Nvidia 30xx series graphics cards will only work with the cuda11 version of the miner.

To start mining Ethereum with a nanominer, simply enter your wallet into the configuration file.

Step 1 – Download the miner

Nanopool provides a link to download Nanominer:

  1. Go to the GitHub repository. Find “Assets”:
  2. Download the latest ZIP archive for Windows 10.
  3. Unzip the downloaded archive to a convenient location (for example, on the desktop).

Step 2 – Set up Nanominer

After you have unzipped the archive, you will see .ini configuration files. You need to edit these default configuration files or create a .bat file.

Let’s start with the .bat file. In the same folder as nanominer.exe, you need to create a file with the extension .bat.

Just copy any .ini file and give it the extension .bat.

Open the .bat file with Notepad. Below is an example setup for Ethereum. You need to enter the following commands into it:

helper_scripts/cmdline_launcher -algo ethash -coin eth -pool1 -wallet username1 -rigName RIG_ID

Instead of username1, just paste your login from the Binance Pool.

Step 3 – Run the miner

After everything is done in step 2, you are ready to mine. All that’s left to do is launch the miner and then go to the Binance Pool where you can track your mining progress.

The program is launched in the standard way: double-click the left mouse button on the file with the .bat extension. After launch, a window opens with all the parameters entered.

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