Reducing the temperature on the mining farm.

How important are cooling farms for mining.

The equipment used for mining cryptocurrencies heats up quickly, which is one of the risks. Mining equipment emits a lot of heat when it uses electricity. The chips will be destroyed by the heat. Strong heating leads to a rapid and irreparable failure of computer equipment.

Lower performance is often caused by even higher temperatures. As a result, farms with poor cooling systems are inefficient.

The following problems may also occur:

1) First, a short circuit. Some connectors on the boards may be damaged as a result of overheating. As a result, electrical circuits are short-circuited, which leads to equipment failure. 2) Fires. The internal components of the gadget can catch fire with very strong overheating (more than 100 degrees). This is often followed by a complete cessation of mining operations.

Indoor climate.

All mining equipment must be maintained at the proper temperature to ensure optimal performance. Instructions usually include optimal values. The room should be from 20 to 25 degrees. In this situation, a moisture content of 70% is possible. This indicator does not affect the performance of mining equipment in any way.

It is also considered that it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of the operated equipment. The gadget generates both electricity and heat. The temperature rises as it spreads throughout the space. When using air conditioning systems, this heat must be taken into account.

A device for a mining farm.

Temperature control systems may fail under certain circumstances. As a result, you should be careful when choosing air conditioners. For example, an industrial mining farm cannot be equipped with a home air conditioner. Its power will not be enough to cool a large room. To successfully prevent overheating, you must:

1) Installation of split systems are devices both inside and outside of air conditioners. The first gadget helps to keep the room cool. Increasing the efficiency of the process, the external unit does not reduce the temperature of the air inside.

2) Install ventilation. Without them, even with powerful climate control devices, huge rooms would not have much cooling capacity. Heated mining equipment produces a certain amount of warm air that accumulates inside. But improper installation of ventilation also reduces the efficiency of air exchange. Therefore, a professional installation of the system is required.

3) Purchase premium components. Cheap equipment often works poorly. Such equipment quickly fails, which doubles the costs. Therefore, it is preferable to purchase more expensive climate monitoring equipment right now.

4) Plan in advance the ventilation and air conditioning system for the mining sector. This strategy prevents installation-related issues. A mistake can be made by a miner without a project.

Ventilation methods.

Organic ventilation Natural ventilation is a useless method. Gravity plays a role in this, because cold air pushes out warmer air. As a result, this method is not suitable for warmer climates. Natural ventilation can function only when the temperature difference between the outside and inside is at least 10 degrees.

Forcing the air flow The technique has a standard efficiency. But it is often used only by tiny mining farms. Such ventilation, which is usually installed in the kitchens of residential units, is used with the method of forced extraction.

Air supply and removal This approach works well in the cold. You can adjust the supply of cold and hot air with the help of the supply and exhaust ventilation system of the air conditioner. This helps to create an entire ventilation system by:

1) Firstly, climate sensors. 2) Equipment control automation components.

However, in hot areas throughout the summer, supply and exhaust ventilation is insufficient. At the same time, a lot of energy is required. Engineers advise using air conditioners that force hot sections to leave the building throughout the summer.

Conditioner You can effectively cool the mining farm using this technique in the summer. This allows you to lower the temperature of the thermostat in certain rooms. During operation, air conditioning systems are used in residential buildings and in light industry. They come in 3 varieties:

1)Mobile 2)Window 3)Split system Miners often use mobile air conditioners because they are easy to install. This approach also rarely fails. Therefore, it is available for purchase on the secondary market. As a result, heat dissipation is cheaper.

Difficulties with cooling the farm.

When cooling equipment, two factors must be taken into account:

High cost. Rarely does mining require temperature control technology for their small drilling rigs. However, large enterprises need reliable cooling. In these circumstances, the purchase of climate control systems is required. However, refrigeration equipment for industrial mining farms often costs more than a million yen. Ventilation, sensors, air conditioners, automatic control systems and other equipment can be included in the price. This will determine the goals of commercial bitcoin miners.

Noises. A loud hum is heard from the mining equipment. The operation of integrated cooling systems explains its appearance. However, forced ventilation and air conditioning installations add more equipment, which increases the noise level. As a result, miners avoid setting up farms near residential areas.

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