Using the CPU Intel Xeon for mining

Computer mining of digital assets is an outdated and inefficient method. It was used when cryptocurrencies were just beginning to develop, but farms on video cards and ASIC miners quickly took its place. Most networks have become more complex, which makes it unprofitable or even impossible to work in them using a CPU strategy. Let’s look at mining using the Xeon processor as an example: profitability, currencies and how to build a server using one of these chips.

Xeon processor mining capabilities in 2022

The manufacturer of these processors is the American Intel Corporation. The requirements differ significantly from those imposed on personal computers used at home. They have a larger amount of cache memory and are significantly more productive. Chips from this series are still important for some coins, even if the mining phase of the processor has already ended.

What types of cryptocurrencies can be mined

Although it is not prohibited in 2022, the use of a central processor for bitcoin mining is inefficient. Even certain specialized equipment, not to mention processors, cannot be used for mining. This approach does not support Ethereum; at least 5 GB of storage is required to download a DAG file.

The algorithm uses equipment sparingly and is resistant to specialized equipment. Although this is not the only method, it is the most commonly used for mining cryptocurrency on computers.

Intel’s Xeon Mining Server

The processor string in question refers to server processors. As a result, installing a computer at home is not recommended because it is both expensive and inefficient. It is cheaper to build a server for business operation with the possibility of using free cores for mining cryptocurrencies.

How to design a server

It is recommended to choose a processor that runs in the dark if you are building a server for this use. The same brand of inexpensive chips also brings in some money. As an illustration, Intel E5-2678 v3 was put up for sale on the AliExpress website in June 2022 for just over $131.


No real money will be received from mining on the Xeon 2678 server. According to calculations made by online calculators, the net profit from mining Monero will be $1.78 per month.


Buying server hardware in 2022 for the sole purpose of bitcoin mining is absolutely unprofitable. The payback of chips takes a long time, they are very expensive, but at the same time inefficient. You still need to mine Monero for more than 3 years to recoup your investment, even with an affordable and suitable Xeon E5 2678 V3 processor.

They work well with business servers, but do not bring profit to miners. Modern AMD Ryzan can perform cryptocurrency mining more efficiently if that is what is desired. However, generally speaking, such mining is more suitable for learning than for making money.

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