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Ethereum has acquired its own blockchain organization for marketing

Ethereum reviews its own blockchain marketing organization

Ethereum has acquired its own blockchain organization for marketing. A group of prominent participants in the Ethereum ecosystem formed the new decentralized autonomous organization “Marketing DAO” to ensure public relations and promote the protocol of the second largest cryptocurrency. Among the organizers, among others, were former heads of marketing at ConsenSys and Shapeshift. The Ethereum Foundation’s official Twitter account shared this information.

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IKEA used Ethereum blockchain to make settlements in Iceland

IKEA Iceland division used the Ethereum blockchain to accept payments in digital fiat currency. The transaction operator was the American blockchain firm Tradeshift. And the fintech company Monerium took on the role of an intermediary. And provided a digital version of the Icelandic krone on the Ethereum blockchain. “Programmable money regulated by the authorities will […]

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Is the exchange rate of the national currencies influencing the course of the crypto currency?

The US dollar is gradually losing its purchasing power, and the national currencies are depreciating. Against the backdrop of these events, bitcoin is gaining increasing value, despite the high volatility. The course of the crypto currency is influenced by economic factors that reduce confidence in traditional currencies, as well as numerous sanctions and strict economic […]

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