Cloud cryptocurrency mining – What is it and how does it work?

In 2017, due to the hype around virtual assets, the traditional method of mining digital currency gained popularity. This includes the use of computer hardware for cryptographic computing. But technology is expensive, not everyone can afford it. Therefore, it is important to understand what cloud mining is. This is how the rental of computing power is used for cryptocurrency mining. This means that adopting this approach does not require you to purchase mining equipment. Intermediaries hire a Hashrate.

Principle of operation

This is not required for cloud mining:

1) Invest in computer hardware. 2) Configure the tools. 3) Have control over the mining of cryptocurrencies. 4) Pay taxes on electricity.

The hashrate of intermediate services is available for rent. Customers use only their free computer power. Mining equipment owned by intermediaries is serviced by them. However, device management is expensive. Consequently, suppliers take into account production costs in the service price.

The contract supports cooperation between the customer and the intermediary Heshreyt. It specified the following rental conditions: 1) The price of the contract. 2) The value of the lease hash. 3) The term of the agreement.

The miner will be allowed to use the installed part of the supplier’s equipment capacity after signing the contract. The permission to use the hashrate expires after the expiration of the contract.

As a rule, the creators of such services create their own computers. They deliver to tenants using part of the created mining equipment. Cryptocurrency contracts can become mutually beneficial only in this way.

Can we start developing cloud mining services in 2022?

Cooperation with these sites will not be illegal in 2022. But it is very important to use only reputable, trustworthy suppliers. One of them is hard to find. This is due to the fact that many intermediaries quickly left due to losses. As a result, scammers now occupy this niche. Some people have been working on 2022 for some time.

It is preferable to use hashrate trading platforms such as NiceHash. It serves as a market for the exchange of excess capacity. All bidders are holders of cryptocurrencies. But there are also many scammers among hashrate trading services.

Investment danger

Generally speaking, the risks are associated with the inability to return the investment. Miners sometimes receive unprofitable contracts from suppliers. This is due to high costs, as service providers invest a lot of money in the maintenance of equipment.

The presence of many invaders in the niche also entails dangers. Customers often make significant profits from fraudulent services. The promises are believed by newcomers, who then lose money. You need to understand how cloud mining works to prevent it from being detected. Almost usually scammers use the same method. Under the pretext that the production of cryptocurrencies becomes unprofitable, they refuse obligations to customers.

Alternatives to cloud mining

Renting hashrates is a risky business. Making a profit with the help of cloud mining is almost impossible. As a result, it is preferable to use different strategies to learn from investing in bitcoin. Here are just a few of them:

1) Stacking 2)Pools for liquidity 3)Farming 4)Deposits using cryptocurrency 5)Landing Digital Assets


There are 2 ways to deposit Bitcoins in 2022 to receive passive income:

1) Invest in a blockchain smart contract based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. In this scenario, the depositor will turn into a validator — a node that verifies transactions — in the network of the selected cryptocurrency. The investor will begin to receive compensation for his efforts. But sometimes in order to become a validator, you need to invest a lot of money. It can cost several thousand dollars. 2) Contribute to the savings pool from your savings. Validators are the ones who produce them. Investments made by investors are collected by pools and used for stacking. Depositors receive compensation in the form of part of the prizes awarded to validators. However, some stack pools allow small bets starting at $1 or even less.

The income associated with deposits varies significantly. Typical profit ranges from 5% to 10%. However, there are stacking strategies with an annual return of at least 100%.

Pools for liquidity

Liquidity pools, often known as LPS, are smart contracts that support cryptocurrencies for trading pairs within trading platforms. There are only pools of liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Investors contribute their funds to liquidity pools. As a result, DEX users can quickly and without slippage make bitcoin transactions (price changes for selected assets in the process of decentralized exchanges). Liquidity is the term for it. Depositors receive compensation for their investments in a certain liquidity pool with the help of part of the trading commissions generated by transactions in this pool for a decentralized exchange.

Profitable farming

Investments in liquidity pools have previously yielded modest returns. Because of this, few investors were willing to invest in them. Then, in exchange for investments, the creators of decentralized exchanges began to provide them with LP tokens. These alternative cryptocurrencies are designed to combine to generate more revenue in the form of service cryptocurrencies on trading platforms. We call it farming. Successful farming benefits both sides:

1) Traders. Pharming increases the profitability of investments placed in liquidity pools. 2) Transactions. The platforms encourage investors to offer liquidity pools and issue service altcoins using pharming.

The return on investment in the accumulation of LP tokens varies significantly. It can be 2% or even 500% per annum. But what attracts investors is the prospect of huge profits. Some investors can earn 100% or more per month thanks to productive agriculture.

There is a subtlety in farming, as the lists of pools open for LP token deposits fluctuate. Thus, depositors should regularly reinvest their funds in various liquidity pools and monitor the offers of exchanges.

Depositing cryptocurrencies

Simple account replenishment functions are offered to customers by several exchanges and unique cryptocurrency platforms. You can deposit digital money at interest using these methods. They are comparable to ordinary bank deposits, except that they are not associated with fiat money. Deposits in digital assets are safe and do not require any actions on the part of the depositor. However, deposits in cryptocurrency sometimes bring a small profit in the amount of 0.50% to 20%.

Digital lending is how we ended up in this situation. But cryptocurrency platforms do not offer loans. The landing assumes that some investors repay debts to other investors. An intermediary is required to carry out such a transaction and prevent fraud. A broker can be an exchange or a unique crypto platform. These platforms store the deposited money (collateral for the borrower’s loan) and ensure that both sides of the transaction fulfill their obligations.

Issuing loans to other investors is safe if there are intermediaries. Borrowers are also required to provide collateral. In the event that a certain client turns out to be insolvent, the lender will receive the money that was placed. Since there are no risks involved, both parties can make a profit as long as their responsibilities are fulfilled.


Users can avoid spending a lot of money on expensive equipment by using cloud mining. Using this strategy, it is quite simple to rent computer power from intermediaries.

However, many suppliers are scammers. However, mining using private cloud services rarely makes a profit. As a result, it is worth using additional passive income strategies using cryptocurrencies, including:

1) Stacking. 2) Investments in liquidity pools. 3) Farming. 4) Crypto-deposits. 5) Lending.

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