More Epochs Mod for Claymore [2.7]: Download for Windows

Claymore Dual (AMD NVIDIA GPU Miner) – The latest version of the famous dual Ethereum miner for AMD and Nvidia GPUs is available. Those who have been mining cryptocurrency for some time will remember that Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD + NVIDIA GPU Miner was the perfect solution for mining Ethereum (ETH). It had a solid foundation among Ethash GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia.

Claymore created an excellent ETH miner that was widely used, but when Ethereum upgraded to version 384, its software could not keep up because it did not support that version. Thus, it stopped functioning at all. In addition, the maker of the miner mysteriously disappeared and has not updated its software since it was originally released on October 15.


  • Lowest commission 0,6% !
  • Command Line Parameter ” strap ” now works for AMD Polaris GPUs with video drivers 20.5.1+, so now you can get a speed boost compared to Phoenixminer!
  • Supports DAGs up to 600 so you can keep using the legendary Claymore ETH miner!
  • Corrected errors in the original Miner: it could not access nvml.dll in Windows 10, so temperature monitoring, fan control and power consumption statistics were unavailable.
  • Added support for the new Nvidia 460.89+ drivers, the Miner correctly initializes NVML with these drivers, so temperature monitoring, fan control and power consumption statistics are available.
  • Miner now shows power consumption statistics for AMD GPUs on newer AMD drivers (tested since 20.12.1)
  • Now the miner shows the AMD driver version on startup and warns if the driver version is not supported (i.e. below 20.5.1)
  • Miner now saves core and memory frequencies/voltages of AMD Polaris GPUs on startup (before applying custom ones with -cclock,-mclock,-cvddc,-mvdcc) and restores them on exit.
  • The miner can now apply -cclock values to Navi GPUs on the new video drivers.

How to Use More Epochs Mod for Claymore

In the folder containing the miner, you must create a file with the extension .bat.

 EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -работник YOUR_RIG_NAME -ewal YOUR_WALLET ADDRESS -epsw x

After you have entered everything, save the file. Double-click the file .вat, to start the miner. The miner will start, run the commands setx to set these environment variables, initialize each of your GPUs, create a DAG file on each of your GPUs and start hashing.

Recent updates

Change v2.7:

  • Increased the maximum number of supported DAGs to 600.

Change v2.6:

  • Added an unsigned version of the lanyard driver that can work with Windows Update CenterKB5004237. The unsigned driver requires Windows test mode.
  • To enable Windows test mode, make sure that «Secure Boot» is disabled in the UEFI BIOS, then run «Enable_Windows_TestMode.cmd» From
  • the “strap_driver” folder in the miner’s archive as an administrator and restart the installation.
  • To install an unsigned lanyard driver, run «install_Unsigned_strap_driver.cmd» (do not run as an administrator, after starting it will ask for higher rights).
  • You can also install the unsigned strap driver manually by running Miner as administrator with the Option -driver install_test.

Change v2.5:

  • Devfee reduced to 0.6%
  • The miner now applies the lanyards only once after the first DAG generation in the run and does not reapply the lanyards again in case of epoch changes during the mining to improve stability.

Downlod Link:

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