Claymore’s Dual v14.7 Supercharged Edition AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner

Claymore's Dual

Claymore’s Dual v14.7 Supercharged Edition – new update to the popular Ethereum dual miner for AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Latest Claymore’s Dual v14.7 – Supercharged Edition:

  • Now the miner driver does not require switching Windows to test mode. If you want to disable the test mode, use the option «-driver uninstall» (with administrator rights) and restart the computer.
  • Then run the miner with administrator rights to automatically install a new driver if necessary (or use the option directly«-driver install»).
  • If you have any problems with a signed driver, you can use the option -driver install_test, it uses the old approach: it turns on the test mode (requires a reboot) and installs an unsigned driver.
  • Added option«-showpower» For statistics on GPU power consumption, press “s” to see it. AMD and Nvidia cards are supported, with the exception of Linux gpu-pro drivers and Radeon7 cards.
  • Updated Remote Manager to display overall power consumption.
  • Fixed bug with parameter the-logsmaxsizewhen the -logfile option is used to specify the directory for the log files.
  • As well as a few minor fixes and improvements.

Customization Claymore’s Dual

Step 1: Download the Miner

Unzip the Claymore’s Dual archive to any location on your computer. In the folder containing the miner, you must create a file with the extension .bat. You can do this in any text editor (e.g. Notepad). When you save a file, it is important to select “All Files” as the file type, not “txt”. Otherwise, you will have a .bat.txt file at the end of the file name, and the miner will not be able to open this file. Your .bat file (say, it is called test1.bat) should contain the following text (step 2):

Attention! For security reasons, Windows may prevent you from opening the bat file. In this case, you must allow it to open in a popup window.

Step 2: View the batch file to launch Claymore Dual Miner

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -работник YOUR_RIG_NAME -ewal YOUR_WALLET ADDRESS -epsw x

Step 3: configure the miner with your settings

WALLET_ADDRESS – enter your Ethereum wallet address (exactly so, Claymore Miner knows where to place your ether)RIG_NAME – you can choose any name (for example, test), but do not exaggerate: it should be no more than 32 characters, contain only letters and numbers (without special characters, such as $% »*; @).

Step 4: Start Mining

Double click file .вat, чto start the miner. Miner starts up, runs commands setx to set these environment variables, initializes each of your GPUs, creates a DAG file on each of your GPUs and starts hashing. Let it run for about 20 seconds and then press “s” to display your hash rate. If you have completed the steps above, you should see this screen.

Claymore's Dual v14.7 (AMD NVIDIA GPU Miner) Download and configure the miner Download Claymore's Dual v14.7

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