AMD graphics cards for mining, overclocking and tuning guide

In 2022, users will use various equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. The most widely used technique is video cards (GPUs or GPUs). They are capable and efficient in mining coins.

Two major manufacturers of graphics chips will debut in 2022: AMD and Nvidia. However, prices for comparable devices with GPUs of the first company are usually cheaper. Because of this, AMD graphics cards are more often used for mining in Russia. Meanwhile, the low cost of equipment is not the only factor affecting the demand for IT.

AMD graphics card benefits for mining:

AMD GPUs supplied by the manufacturer have 3 Plus electronics installed:

1) Minimal risk. In the bitcoin world, AMD graphics cards are preferable to NVIDIA GPUs for mining. Mining of well-known cryptocurrencies is also often quite successful, usually in the context of a broad bullish trend in the digital asset market. 2) Fast payback. Compared to equivalent NVIDIA GPUs, several variants of AMD processors tend to be cheaper. As a result, they pay off faster and begin to bring profit to miners. 3) Outstanding acceleration skills. Settings on AMD graphics cards can be adjusted. You can choose an efficient BIOS, software and firmware. Thus, users have a great opportunity to increase the base hashrate.

2022 versions of AMD graphics cards that are ideal for mining

Devices from the updated line of Radeon graphics cards are the most powerful AMD C graphics cards:

1)RX 6900 XT 2)RX 6800 XT 3)RX 6800.

RX 6900 XT

This video card will cost an average of 115 thousand rubles, or $ 1,865, on the Russian electronics market. The processor frequency is 2105 MHz. The RX 6900 XT has 16 GB of GDDR6 video memory available. It has a frequency of 16,000 MHz. The GPU consumes 300 watts when a lot of calculations are going on.

The hashrate of the video card for mining Ethereum coins is 65 MHz/s. Such an exit brings 28.55 US dollars within 30 working days. The payback period of the GPU is about 65 months. However, the exact amount of time will depend on the value of the ETH token and the degree of complexity of the Ethereum blockchain.

RX 6800 XT

This video card usually costs 113,000 yen, or $1,827.The technical characteristics of this model are largely identical to those of the RX 6900 XT. However, this GPU runs at 2065 MHz. The RX 6800 XT has 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 visual RAM. It has a frequency of 16,000 MHz. The power consumption of the graphics chip is 300 watts at full load.

The GPU provides computing power of 65 MHz/s for ether mining. Within 30 days after mining the cryptocurrency, this is enough to make a profit of $ 28.55. The payback period of a video card with such a salary is 64 months.

RX 6800

In Russia, this video card usually costs 85 thousand yen, or $ 1,371. Its processor runs at 1775 MHz. 16 GB of GDDR6 graphics RAM is available for the RX 6800. It has a frequency of 16,000 MHz. The maximum power consumption of the video card at high loads is 250 watts.

When mining the ETH currency, the video card issues a hashrate of 65 MHz/s. This computing power can generate an average of $30.07 in 30 days. In 46 months, this GPU will pay for itself. However, the terms of return on investment may change if the price of Ethereum fluctuates on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Overclocking and Tuning Guide

In 2022, miners often change the settings of their equipment. As a result, the hashrate of the GPU increases, and you can earn more money.

You need specialized software for overclocking mining equipment. Blockchain participants, for example, often use MSI Afterburner software.

There are three options for overclocking the GPU:

1) Frequency of operation. The impact of this variable on the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining is the greatest. This is usually referred to as the memory clock speed in overclocking software. 2) Energy use. You can increase your income from mining coins and reduce energy costs by changing this option. The voltage affects the power consumption (core voltage). Energy prices are declining as a result of their decline. 3) Impellers at the radiator rotation speed. You can prevent AMD graphics cards from overheating by setting this value using special software.

Progressive GPU overclocking is recommended. For example, it is required to gradually increase the operating frequency of the device by about 15 MHz at a time. By doing this, you can reliably increase your mining hashrate without risking damaging your graphics card.

Below is the algorithm for overclocking the operating frequency:

1) Launch MSI Afterburner or a similar application. 2) Increase the value of the operating frequency by 15 points. 3) Check the settings. 4) Perform a stress test on mining equipment.

Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 as necessary during algorithm execution, stopping when the GPU driver reports an error. Then you should reduce the operating frequency by about 50 points before taking the stress test again.

The energy consumption and rotation speed of the cooling system coolant coolers are also regulated using a similar technology. Stress tests are also used to evaluate the results of changes in these parameters. Only when installing these functions should you skip the following:

1) Hashrate reduction when using AMD graphics card for mining (when voltage changes). 2) The appearance of loud noises when using radiators (when adjusting the cooling system). If the fans do not have time to lower the radiator temperature at lower RPM, the buzzing may be tolerable.

You should make the settings available in almost every overclocking program so that they can be used every time you turn on the mining farm.

In the example of MSI Afterburner, the algorithm for enabling functions is shown below:

1) Run the program. 2) Based on the user interface, select the Apply overclocking at system startup checkbox. When creating a mining farm, you can use this method to automatically apply overclocking parameters. 3) Go to the Settings tab. 4) Go to the “General” tab. 5) In the “Basic properties” section, make sure that the checkbox next to the inscription “Start with Windows” is selected. When the Bitcoin farm is activated, this feature allows the MSI Afterburner program to start automatically.

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