It is necessary or not to flash graphics cards for mining


It is necessary or not to flash graphics cards for mining

When you are just starting to mine, you think “to flash the video card, why does it work so hard all the way to force it, and that’s enough …”, but with time the thoughts begin to change and you realize that you are not using all the potential, the queue is pressing the financial question.

Прошивка видеокарты


Honestly, when I first started, I firmly “as I thought then” decided that I will not flash cards, the more they lose the guarantee …. In general, this was my first opinion, after a certain set of experience and watching a lot of videos, in which on the same cards as you have a can of about 30% you involuntarily start to wonder, and than I am worse than others. And on the scale, too, a lot depends on if this is one, two video cards, and if you have a decent rig of say 6 video cards each on the drain gives 22 Mh x 6 = 132 Mh, and if you flash it, you get 30 Mh x 6 = 180 Mhz total 48 Mhz and this is an excuse 2 video cards of an average cost of 20-25 tons, in general, the figures speak for themselves and it is illogical to miss such income.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that I lose a guarantee, and this is almost not forgivable, but how can others not be afraid of losing it because they are 30-40 or more video cards are assembled and they are not afraid … I decided to study this topic more and went around a lot of forums and on YouTube kuchk rolls revised, some argue that in general in the warranty agreement for the BIOS firmware in general, or anything not, one said that he was wearing a warranty and with the stitched BIOS recovered the money. The last impetus for me was that people write that they say there’s nothing to be afraid of, because if your card is turned on, you can sew it back with the original BIOS and carry it safely under warranty, and if it even burns in the trash, then there’s no one who can understand what was stitched there BIOS was or not.

Strictly speaking, everything is logical and I decided to try, I stitched different cards but everything from AMD and there were jambs, for example, a stitched card launched a miner everything hangs, nothing does not work, I sewed it back home, everything was fine, I found how to do it again and again everything is working. As a result, I now have all the cards stitched, the original BIOS has folded a separate daddy and store it just in case. And what do you do again to decide for you …

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