How to configure Windows for mining


How to configure Windows for miningStrangely enough, but for normal stable mining, it is necessary to configure the operating system itself, but there is nothing tricky there, so I will quickly describe everything and describe it.

The ideal version of the operating system will be Windows 10 is 64-bit, it is desirable to install the latest versions. After installation, we need quite a bit of manipulation, install all the drivers for the equipment, they are like the rules on the disk with the motherboard and others, if they are not there it’s not hard to find any driver-pack, the main thing is to install the correct drivers for the video card.

After you have installed all the drivers it’s time to go to the settings, first you need to deal with the power supply, since in the standard settings the computer is going into sleep mode after 30 minutes, accordingly your mining will go there, at first, and I forgot about this simple but very important moment.

How to configure Windows Power 10

It’s simple, right-click in the lower-left corner of the windows icon and select “Power Management”:

Настройка электропитания Windows

Here elementary 2 points in both choose “Never”

Отключение спящего режима

And click “OK”, in Windows 7 the same can be found in the Control Panel -> Power. Everything now your computer will not fall asleep, and will work around the clock. Now you need to disable Windows updates as they exit periodically and usually after the installation the computer restarts, which will cause your crypto-builder to just stand up and at any time.

How to disable Windows Update 10

But here, too, there is nothing cunning about it, again we go to the lower left corner, only now we press on the icon of the magnifier with the left button and in the search line we just write “Services”.

Отключение обновления windows

Before you open a long list of working and there are no services, you need to go down to the bottom of the list and find “Windows Update” by clicking on it with the left button and you need to stop the service in the opened window and select “Disabled” in the “Startup type” drop-down menu.

Служба обновления windows отключение

After that, you can forget about updates, of course if necessary, you can go in and install them manually. The last remains, but also not a minor thing like an antivirus and a firewall, if you do not use any third-party product such as Kaspersky, NOD, etc., I recommend simply disabling the Windows firewall, since this computer, apart from mining crypto currency, will be, then there are no viruses to catch … Who uses non-standard above or any other products, then disable them or prescribe the rules for the manner, there are times when antiviruses perceive miners as trojans, in general it is easier to disconnect.

How to disable Windows Firewall 10

All is simple, again we right click on the windows icon in the lower left corner and select the item “Options”:

Отключение фаервола windows

Select “Update and Security”, then on the left in the column “Windows Defender”

Отключить защитника

I already have it turned off, and you need to click on the “Open Windows Defender Security Center” button and disable it in the window that opens.

That’s actually all just a few movements and your computer or farm is ready to mine without stopping and smoke …

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