A selection of the latest news 10/07/2019

Bitcoin hash rate overcomes 80 quintillion hashes per second

Coinbase Exchange will add another 17 cryptocurrencies to the listing

Coinbase is exploring the possibility of adding 17 crypto assets to the listing, including the Telegram’s GRAM token. According to an article on the Coinbase blog, the following cryptocurrency projects became candidates for listing on the site.

Read more: https://crazy-mining.org/news/birzha-coinbase-dobavit-v-listing-eshhe-17-kriptovalyut/

Bithumb Exchange Launches Platform for Russian Users

The South Korean exchange Bithumb enters the Russian market. As part of a global expansion strategy, Bithumb Global launches a trading platform for Russian-speaking users. A platform with support for all services in Russian.

Read more: https://crazy-mining.org/news/birzha-bithumb-zapuskaet-platformu-dlya-rossijskih-polzovatelej/

IKEA used Ethereum blockchain to make settlements in Iceland

IKEA’s Iceland division used the Ethereum blockchain to accept payments in digitized fiat currency.

Read more: https://crazy-mining.org/news/ikea-vospolzovalas-blokchejnom-ethereum-dlya-osushhestvleniya-raschyotov-v-islandii/

PayPal confirms decision to refuse to participate in Libra project

PayPal representatives said that: “The company decided to refrain from participating in the Libra blockchain project. And focus on the democratization of financial services for the population. ”

Read more: https://crazy-mining.org/news/paypal-podtverdil-reshenie-otkazatsya-ot-uchastiya-v-proekte-libra/


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