T-Rex 0.15.8: Nvidia CUDA GPU Miner (DevFee is 1%)

T-Rex 0.15.3: Download with KAWPOW support for mining RavenCoin (RVN)

Download links for T-Rex miner v0.15.8:

Changes V0.15.8:

  • Extranonce Support for Nicehash

Bug fix:

  • (Windows) Miner does not start when using v450 + video drivers

T-Rex is a universal cryptocurrency mining software that supports many algorithms. DevFee: Development fee is 1% (3% for Tensority).

T-Rex supports the following mining algorithms:

  • alterhash
  • astralhash
  • balloon
  • bcd
  • bitcore
  • c11
  • dedal
  • geek
  • hmq1725
  • honeycomb
  • jeonghash
  • kawpow
  • lyra2z
  • mtp
  • mtp-tcr
  • padihash
  • pawelhash
  • phi
  • polytimos
  • progpow
  • sha256q
  • sha256t
  • skunk
  • sonoa
  • tensority
  • timetravel
  • tribus
  • x11r
  • x16r
  • x16rt
  • x16rv2
  • x16s
  • x17
  • x21s
  • x22i
  • x25x

JSON configuration file

To start T-Rex with the config.txt configuration file, enter in the console: t-rex -c config.txt. Use the config_example file as a starting point for creating your own configuration. You can also use environment variables: just put % YOUR_ENV_VAR% anywhere in your configuration file and it will automatically replace the value of the YOUR_ENV_VAR variable at run time.


The watchdog timer is designed to monitor the state of the miner and restarts the T-Rex in the event of a failure or freezing for any reason. In addition, the watchdog timer can optionally perform automatic updates if a newer version is available. We recommend that you use a watchdog timer to avoid mining downtime and make sure your GPUs are busy 24/7. If you need to disable the watchdog, you can do this with the --no-watchdog parameter.


By default, the HTTP API server communicates with . This means that you can access your miner through external and internal network interfaces.

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