XMRig v5.1.0 (RandomX/Monero XMR, CryptoNight, Argon2)

XMRig v5.1.0 RandomX

GitHub: DOWNLOAD XMRig v5.1.0

XMRig v5.1.0 (RandomX/Monero XMR, CryptoNight, Argon2)

XMRig v5.1.0 – Высокопроизводительный кроссплатформенный майнер RandomX, CryptoNight и Argon2 CPU / GPU с открытым исходным кодом, с официальной поддержкой Windows.

Полный список доступных версий XMRig:




  • #1307 Fixed mining resume after donation round for pools with self-select feature.
  • #1318 Added option "mode" (or --randomx-mode) for RandomX.
    • Added memory information on miner startup.
    • Added resources field to summary API with memory information and load average.


  • #1234 Fixed compatibility with some AMD GPUs.
  • #1284 Fixed build without RandomX.
  • #1285 Added command line options --cuda-bfactor-hint and --cuda-bsleep-hint.
  • #1290 Fixed 32-bit ARM compilation.


This version is first stable unified 3 in 1 GPU+CPU release, OpenCL support built in in miner and not require additional external dependencies on compile time, NVIDIA CUDA available as external CUDA plugin, for convenient, 3 in 1 downloads with recent CUDA version also provided.

This release based on 4.x.x series and include all features from v4.6.2-beta, changelog below include only the most important changes, full changelog available separately.

  • #1272 Optimized hashrate calculation.
  • #1263 Added new option dataset_host for NVIDIA GPUs with less than 4 GB memory (RandomX only).
  • #1068 Added support for self-select stratum protocol extension.
  • #1227 Added new algorithm rx/arq, RandomX variant for upcoming ArQmA fork.
  • #808 Added experimental support for persistent memory for CPU mining threads.
  • #1221 Improved RandomX dataset memory usage and initialization speed for NUMA machines.
  • #1175 Fixed support for systems where total count of NUMA nodes not equal usable nodes count.
  • Added config option cpu/max-threads-hint and command line option --cpu-max-threads-hint.
  • #1185 Added JIT compiler for RandomX on ARMv8.
  • Improved API endpoint GET /2/backends and added support for this endpoint to workers.xmrig.info.
  • Added command line option --no-cpu to disable CPU backend.
  • Added OpenCL specific command line options: --opencl, --opencl-devices, --opencl-platform, --opencl-loader and --opencl-no-cache.
  • Added CUDA specific command line options: --cuda, --cuda-loader and --no-nvml.
  • Removed command line option --http-enabled, HTTP API enabled automatically if any other --http-* option provided.
  • #1172 Added OpenCL mining backend.
    • #268 #270 #271 #273 #274 #1171 Added RandomX support for OpenCL, thanks @SChernykh.
  • Algorithm cn/wow removed, as no longer alive.

Mining backends

  • CPU (x64/x86/ARM)
  • OpenCL for AMD GPUs.
  • CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs via external CUDA plugin.

Использование XMRig

Предпочтительным способом настройки майнера является файл конфигурации JSON, так как он более гибкий и удобный для пользователя. Интерфейс командной строки не охватывает все функции, такие как профили майнинга для различных алгоритмов. Важные параметры могут быть изменены во время выполнения без перезагрузки майнера путем редактирования файла конфигурации или выполнения вызовов API.

Параметры командной строки

  -o, --url=URL                 URL of mining server
  -a, --algo=ALGO               mining algorithm https://xmrig.com/docs/algorithms
      --coin=COIN               specify coin instead of algorithm
  -u, --user=USERNAME           username for mining server
  -p, --pass=PASSWORD           password for mining server
  -O, --userpass=U:P            username:password pair for mining server
  -k, --keepalive               send keepalived packet for prevent timeout (needs pool support)
      --nicehash                enable nicehash.com support
      --rig-id=ID               rig identifier for pool-side statistics (needs pool support)
      --tls                     enable SSL/TLS support (needs pool support)
      --tls-fingerprint=HEX     pool TLS certificate fingerprint for strict certificate pinning
      --daemon                  use daemon RPC instead of pool for solo mining
      --daemon-poll-interval=N  daemon poll interval in milliseconds (default: 1000)
  -r, --retries=N               number of times to retry before switch to backup server (default: 5)
  -R, --retry-pause=N           time to pause between retries (default: 5)
      --user-agent              set custom user-agent string for pool
      --donate-level=N          donate level, default 5%% (5 minutes in 100 minutes)
      --donate-over-proxy=N     control donate over xmrig-proxy feature

CPU backend:
      --no-cpu                  disable CPU mining backend
  -t, --threads=N               number of CPU threads
  -v, --av=N                    algorithm variation, 0 auto select
      --cpu-affinity            set process affinity to CPU core(s), mask 0x3 for cores 0 and 1
      --cpu-priority            set process priority (0 idle, 2 normal to 5 highest)
      --cpu-max-threads-hint=N  maximum CPU threads count (in percentage) hint for autoconfig
      --cpu-memory-pool=N       number of 2 MB pages for persistent memory pool, -1 (auto), 0 (disable)
      --no-huge-pages           disable huge pages support
      --asm=ASM                 ASM optimizations, possible values: auto, none, intel, ryzen, bulldozer
      --randomx-init=N          threads count to initialize RandomX dataset
      --randomx-no-numa         disable NUMA support for RandomX

      --api-worker-id=ID        custom worker-id for API
      --api-id=ID               custom instance ID for API
      --http-host=HOST          bind host for HTTP API (default:
      --http-port=N             bind port for HTTP API
      --http-access-token=T     access token for HTTP API
      --http-no-restricted      enable full remote access to HTTP API (only if access token set)

OpenCL backend:
      --opencl                  enable OpenCL mining backend
      --opencl-devices=N        comma separated list of OpenCL devices to use
      --opencl-platform=N       OpenCL platform index or name
      --opencl-loader=PATH      path to OpenCL-ICD-Loader (OpenCL.dll or libOpenCL.so)
      --opencl-no-cache         disable OpenCL cache
      --print-platforms         print available OpenCL platforms and exit

CUDA backend:
      --cuda                    enable CUDA mining backend
      --cuda-loader=PATH        path to CUDA plugin (xmrig-cuda.dll or libxmrig-cuda.so)
      --cuda-devices=N          comma separated list of CUDA devices to use
      --cuda-bfactor-hint=N     bfactor hint for autoconfig (0-12)
      --cuda-bsleep-hint=N      bsleep hint for autoconfig
      --no-nvml                 disable NVML (NVIDIA Management Library) support

  -S, --syslog                  use system log for output messages
  -l, --log-file=FILE           log all output to a file
      --print-time=N            print hashrate report every N seconds
      --health-print-time=N     print health report every N seconds
      --no-color                disable colored output

  -c, --config=FILE             load a JSON-format configuration file
  -B, --background              run the miner in the background
  -V, --version                 output version information and exit
  -h, --help                    display this help and exit
      --dry-run                 test configuration and exit
      --export-topology         export hwloc topology to a XML file and exit

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