Aurigami PLY: Guide to Staking and Liquidity Mining

In this tutorial, we will cover some of the new features of the Aurigami coin mining program, including:

  1. Deposit PLY
  3. Receiving other awards

Deposit PLY

  1. Go to app Aurigami, scroll down to PLY and click “Deposit”.

Note. If you don’t already have PLY, you will need to buy it from Trisolaris .

2. Enter the amount of PLY to deposit. You can also use the scroll bar below to determine the % PLY in your wallet you would like to deposit.

If you are depositing PLY for the first time, you will need to “approve PLY” before you can “deposit”.

Staking WNEAR LP

1) Click “Provide/Remove liquidity” on the “Rewards” tab in the “Aurigami” program. The PLY/WNEAR pool will now have more liquidity thanks to its direct connection to Trisolaris.

2) Select “wNEAR” and “PLY” from the list of assets, then enter the amount of additional liquidity. When you’re ready, select “Expand” from the menu.

If this is your first time using wNEAR/PLY in Trisolaris, keep in mind that you have to approve them before you can “deploy”.

3) Using Aurigami, go back to “Reward” page and select “Install/Cancel LP Token”.

4) Click “Place a bet now” after entering the amount of the PLY/WNEAR LP bet and, if necessary, confirming the issuance of tokens.

The right to receive compensation

The innovative method of production of tokens by the Aurigers paper mill was influenced by The Gardens от Defi Kingdom. This contributes to sustainable development towards achieving a common goal by ensuring a balance between the long-term interests of users and the interests of the protocol.

To get your rewards for passing:

1) Open the “Rewards” tab in the Aurigami app. You can see how many of your prizes are distributed by layers in PLY. The drop-down list can also be used to determine how much money you will receive in 48 weeks or next week. When it comes to game theory and strategy, PLY pays close attention to them.

2) To apply, just click on the “Apply now” option when you are ready. To make this option visible, make sure that the drop-down list contains the word “Now”.

PLY and PULP will be visible in the “My Wallet” area on the right when you receive the prize.

Please keep in mind that 2 additional transactions may be required to receive a reward from Papermill (i.e. 2 Metamask confirmations are required when receiving a payment from an asset deposit and LP).

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