How to increase the profitability of ASIC-miner S17/T17? – Antminer Firmware

ASIC-майнеров биткион bitcoin btc

How to increase the profitability of ASIC S17 / T17 by 20-30% and earn more

The easiest and most profitable way is to install a proprietary version of the software from Antminer-Russia, i.e. update the firmware of your ASIC. Free firmware will increase the current profitability, hashrate and energy efficiency of your ASICs by 25% or more for all ASIC modifications of models S17, S17e, S17Pro, S17 +, T17, T17e. Updating software for overclocking consists of two stages – unlocking SSH and directly updating the firmware itself.

Antminer firmware installation instructions

1. Unlock SSH. Unlocking works on all versions of BITMAIN firmware. If an error occurs while unlocking SSH, check if you unzipped the unlock_ssh folder to drive C: and run it without Administrator rights.

2. Edit the settings.cfg file: – Set the IPNETWORK network parameter. If you have 192.168.88. * – set IPNETWORK = 192.168.88 (if you have 192.168.1. *, set IPNETWORK = 192.168.1); – Set the scan range to IPSTART and IPEND. If you want to scan from to – set IPSTART = 2, IPEND = 40; – Set the Antminer web password ASICWEBPASS = your_password (Default: root); – Set the password ssh Antminer ASICSSHPASS = your_password (Default: admin);

3. Scan and unlock the devices found using the script “1.unlock_ssh.bat”;

4. Wait 3-5 minutes for Antminers to load;

5. Run the replace.bat file;

6. Next, download and update the firmware via the upgrade function of ASIC or massively through btctool (function upgrade).

Top Questions

How long can an ASIC work with a new firmware?

At the moment, the firmware is at the alpha version stage, the longest tests were more than 1.5 months of work. Choosing the frequency and voltage of the firmware, increasing the power of the antminer, you should look at the temperature of the chips, the temperature of the chips should not exceed 90 degrees. If the temperature is high, then ASIC either does not have enough cooling with cold air, or you are busters with a frequency.

How much does consumption increase and will the APW9 stand?

Consumption increases in proportion to power, but in some cases it is possible to achieve improved energy efficiency from 7nm chips. After some testing time, we deduced the most effective modes:

  • For S17, this is 70-72TH \ s at 3150w + \ – 5%
  • For T17 it is 53-55TH \ s at 3000w + \ – 5%

You must understand that this is not accurate data, each ASIC behaves in its own way and you need to be very careful not to overdo it. For all experiments with the firmware, you are personally responsible.

Warranty. Is it possible to return to the factory firmware?

The warranty for overclocking equipment does not apply. Firmware can always be easily rolled back to standard firmware from the BITMAIN factory.

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