SRBMiner v0.1.8 beta – Kadena algorithm added

kadena v1.3.1 miner for KDA Kadena (AMD/NVIDIA noncerpro)

GitHub: DOWNLOAD SRBMiner MULTI v0.1.8 beta

SRBMiner-MULTI v0.1.8 beta – added Kadena algorithm. SRBMiner v0.1.8 beta is available for download at the links below.

Changes in the new version v0.1.8:

– Added Kadena algorithm – Added yespowerick algorithm (IsotopeC) – Added yespoweriots (IOTScoin) algorithm – Fixed nicehash protocol compatibility with rpc2 – The miner does not turn off now, if there is not enough free RAM for the algorithm, it will simply warn the user


If you have AVX2 and the miner cannot detect it and uses SSE4.1 (you can see it in the log), try adding “–force-cpu-extension avx2-aes” to your .bat file

How to start mining Kadena

1. Create an address (public key + private key) here: 2. Enter the account name in the lower right corner, click “generate”, this will create a public key + private key. As a wallet address – use the public key

Example batch file:


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm kadena --pool --wallet public_key

Developer Comment:

Kadena can be mined using the CPU and GPU, but if you use both at the same time, the GPU hash rate will decrease!

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