Electrum XVG v2.5.0: fixed network Verge connection error (Windows & Linux)

Electrum XVG v2.5.0 (VERGE wallet): fixed network connection error

Electrum XVG v2.5.0 provides payment security based on the VERGE (XVG) blockchain for ordinary users using easy-to-use software adapted to real needs and applications without requiring downloading the Verge blockchain. The new version of Electrum XVG v2.5.0 fixes a connection error to the Verge network.

  • GitHub: https://github.com/vergecurrency/electrum-xvg

We strive to make blockchain payments easy and convenient, therefore we released an update for Electrum XVG.

VERGE Developers

Changes v2.5.0:

  • Fixed error “no connecting network”
Download Electrum XVG v2.5.0

VERGE Benefits

  • EVERYDAY USE: Electrum XVG (Verge) provides an easy-to-use platform that allows ordinary users to quickly and efficiently carry out transactions on a blockchain-based network without downloading the entire blockchain.
  • COMMUNITY DRIVEN: Verge is an open source project with an active development team from around the world. The development team is always in close contact with the community. Verge is not a private company funded through an ICO or pre-screening.
  • MASS ADOPTION: Low commissions, fast transactions, high volume of circulation and multi-platform support – these are the components that make Verge ideal for mass deployment.
  • SECURITY : Our network provides world-class features so that our users can send and receive payments quickly, safely and reliably.



Changelog Electrum XVG:


  • Fixed error “no connecting network”


  • New Electrum Server added
  • Fixed wallet crashing during new wallet creation


  • majorly overhauls the way we handle TorV3 addresses (partially implements BIP0155)
    • Fix torV3 transmission network
    • Fix TorV3 prefix for netaddresses
    • Add seed peer with proper V3 tor support
    • Add full IP specifications to remove the risk of collisions
    • Add rest of the IP fields to GetHash functions
    • Update IP access vectors
    • Rebase AddrManager to bitcoin’s one (0655c7a94cc9bf54d43eceed805e83f1b59e2409)
    • Add more checks for the invalidation of old tor addresses
    • Add new chainparam seeds
    • Fix desirable flags for verge
    • Remove useless debug logs
  • Re-Adding One-Shot of seeds again to not overwhelm there capabilities
  • raises MIN_PEER_PROTO_VERSION to 90008
  • change void(void) parameters to void()
    • makes more readable
    • remove cs_main lock on block description/header to JSON
  • Updated compatibility list in SECURTIY.md
  • Clean up more logging

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