How to start mining EthereumPoW (ETHW)

Как начать майнинг EthereumPoW (ETHW)

Verification and registration of cryptocurrency transactions in the blockchain is called mining in the field of cryptocurrencies. To do this, miners must solve complex computational mathematical problems, for which they are rewarded in the form of bitcoins.

When mining blocks, miners must also invest a significant amount of time and processing power in solving these problems. They deliver the solution to the issuer after receiving the desired hash.

After the Ethereum merge, it is no longer possible to mine Ethereum with GPUs or ASICs. Many people switch between other coins, while others think of ETHW mining as the next Ethereum coin. Let’s start by looking at the fundamental ideas that need to be understood.

Ethereum PoW ETH

The Ethereum Foundation’s plan to move from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a method of reaching consensus on the state of the distributed ledger has met with resistance from a group called the ETHW Core, which created the Ethereum PoW blockchain network. A hard fork of the original Ethereum (ETH) chain, Ethereum PoW uses PoW as a consensus method and therefore still depends on Ethereum miners to create new blocks and confirm transactions.

The highlights regarding Ethereum PoW and its main blockchain features are summarized in the following short list:

1) The proof-of-work (PoW) version of the Ethereum blockchain created by ETHW Core implements this consensus algorithm. 2) An unnamed group of investors and crypto enthusiasts known as the ETHW Core opposes Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake. 3) Ethereum PoW supports almost identical network characteristics such as mining method, block size, dag size and EIP-1559, and uses the same supply structure as pre-merger Ethereum. 4) Twenty-four hours after the Ethereum merge, the main Ethereum PoW network was running with over 2,000 “pre-mined” blocks. 5) Ethereum PoW relies on cryptocurrency miners to create new blocks and validate transactions rather than network validators to provide ETH.

Ethereum PoW performance.

Within a day of the Ethereum merger, the mainnet of the Ethereum PoW cryptocurrency platform went live. As the name suggests, Ethereum PoW uses Proof-of-Work as a consensus layer, thus continuing the legacy of the pre-merger Ethereum network.

Ethereum PoW reflects the opinion of a tiny segment of the Ethereum community that was opposed to Ethereum’s switch from PoW to PoS, similar to the 2016 Ethereum Classic split that resulted in two separate blockchains within the Ethereum community.

Cryptocurrency miners are responsible for adding new blocks to the blockchain, validating transactions, and keeping the blockchain in equilibrium on distributed ETHPoW nodes in the same way that the main Ethereum network worked before the merger. The ETHW Core team has retained most of the characteristics of the original Ethereum chain, including the mining algorithm, block size, dag size, and EIP-1559. As you might expect, on the Ethereum PoW platform, gas is bought using ETHW.

Creation of Ethereum PoW.

ETHW Core, a secret organization of cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, launched Ethereum PoW in August 2022. The group wants to keep Ethereum in its pre-merger state by switching the network’s fundamental consensus mechanism from PoW to PoS, making Ethereum miners redundant.

The ETHW mainnet was launched 24 hours after the merge and started mining 2048 blocks after the merge with a starting difficulty of 15 TH/s. It is important to note that while the group has spoken out against what the Ethereum Foundation has previously done, other members of the community have condemned ETHW Core’s plan to “pre-mine” 2048 blocks between the merger block and the start of the mainnet.

Ethereum PoW price history.

Initially, Ethereum PoW was traded on supported cryptocurrency exchanges as an IOU (signed proof of debt), and not as a tangible commodity per se. According to the first ETHW price recorded by CoinCodex, in early August, ETHW IOUs were selling for over $120 per token.

The following are important turning points in token price history, as shown by Ethereum PoW historical price data:

1) $125. In early August 2022, just after the cryptocurrency exchange started trading, the price of Ethereum PoW exceeded $125. 2) 100 dollars. In August 2022, a few days after supported cryptocurrency exchanges began accepting trading orders, the price of ETHW surged to $100. 3) 50 dollars. Two weeks before the expected Ethereum merger, in September 2022, the price of ETHPoW hit $50.

You can use our algorithmically generated Ethereum PoW price predictions that take into account the current price of ETHW as well as a range of market indicators such as the fear and greed index, market sentiment, general volatility and more to get an idea of the potential future movement of the ETHW price in addition to the actual Ethereum PoW price. With our handy Crypto to Fiat and Crypto to Crypto conversion feature, you can easily check the current market rate of 1 ETHW to USD.

Mining ETHW.

Ethereum has permanently stopped mining. However, the original Proof of Work (PoW) token is still present in the new fork. We are discussing the EthereumPoW network and its internal money, ETHW. What should I mine after the broadcast?

We’ll walk you through the process of “reconfiguring” your legacy ETH mining hardware so you can start earning ETHW. You will learn how to create miners on HiveOS and Gminer, among other platforms, and which pools can mine ETHW.

The merge configuration was the only modification to the EthereumPoW protocol compared to its predecessor (since that network was not merged to change the consensus protocol for Proof of Stake). Also changed ChainID. The rest of the settings are left alone.

It should be noted that the mainnet is still in the DAG period (the technique used by Ethereum and comparable networks for mining). This means that ASICs and graphics cards with less than 5 GB of memory will not be able to mine ETHW.

Market capitalization of Ethereum PoW.

Since it is based on the total amount of ETHW in circulation and its market value, Ethereum PoW market value is affected by ETHW price changes. Since most developers and users prefer to use the original Ethereum network operated by the Ethereum Foundation and its co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the market value of ETHW is significantly lower than that of Ethereum. The market value of ETHW could rise significantly in the future thanks to the help of Ethereum miners.

Mining ETHW on Hive OS.

One of the most popular online mining hardware management systems is called Hive OS. This new Ethereum fork is indeed supported by the ETHW modification. So you can make adjustments if you have mining or ASIC rigs using this platform. As with other cryptocurrencies using Proof of Work, the parameters are the same.

Just start the new aviation newspaper to change the exchange rate between Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency and ETHW in Hive OS. When you select “Add Travel Newspaper” from the set of alternatives, the following information appears:

There is no need for time-consuming manual configuration as Hive OS is already fully supported. The first step is to select the ETHW currency type in the Coins section. You must enter your ETHW address in the wallet area.

You will see a list of pools that accept ETHW in the Pool section. However, depending on the composition of the pool, you can change its appearance. You’ll prefer Unlisted if it’s a group.

Choose a miner and configuration from the remaining options if you require dual mining, and then set it up just like you would with ETH.

The last step is to select “Create a Crap Journey”, after which you can set up your platforms to start mining ETHW.

Mining ETHW ON Windows and Linux.

ETHW mining options on the two most widely used operating systems are GMiner and T-Rex Miner (Nvidia) (AMD and Nvidia). Since we just need to “reconfigure” the source file used to mine Ethereum in both situations, the configuration that needs to be set is pretty identical. we recommend to take GMiner. (Linux and Windows)

You must select the Mine ETH option from the list of GMiner files. This will be the same file as the T-Rex. Don’t forget that the file will always be tied to ETH.

Now, if we open it in a text editor on Windows or Linux, we can see what follows.

For the program to work effectively, the rest of the properties must not be changed.

The “-server” argument, which corresponds to the mining pool, must be changed here. To get a link to the server, you need to look at the available ETHW mining pools. Then you need to enter your wallet address, which you can copy from MetaMask. Just save your work, open the file to run the miner and you’re done.

The role of the coin in the future.

The future of the ETHPoW coin is uncertain. The currency was developed exclusively for the mining of video cards.

The same Ethereum Classic offers additional benefits, including a large community, constant development and the ability to mine on video cards.

This currency, in our opinion, can be mined (if it is beneficial for all calculations), and then immediately sold in exchange for real Ethereum or other coins of interest to you!


There were several currencies that could be mined after Ethereum switched to PoS. Since there are previously known forks of Ethereum such as Ethereum Classic that are mined with GPUs, there are many currencies similar to ETHPoW on the market and this currency is not given much attention. You can choose to mine this currency or not.

How to Mine ETHW on Windows & HiveOS | Full Guide

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