CUDO MINER v1.1.0: Automated Mining Solution

CUDO MINER v1.0: Смарт-криптовалютный майнер


Cudo Miner is a crypto-mining platform that allows you to automate mining, reducing manual tuning and intervention by 95% without loss of profitability. The solution includes a desktop application and a dedicated web console for monitoring and remote management. Cudo Miner is fully automated and optimized for both profit and maximum performance on Windows, Linux or CudoOS. Cudo Miner is suitable for miners with any level of experience.

Version 1.1.0

Features: Added preload workloads option

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed core not respecting policy when launched standalone
  • Fixed device config null causing error
  • Fixed status stuck as applying when custom config modified
  • Fixed undefined error when default policy is used
  • Fixed deb file permissions
  • Fixed incorrect job status

Cudo Miner Features and Benefits

  • It comes to life when your computers are inactive for mining the cryptocurrency of your choice, giving you real cash profit for any idle or underused computers
  • Allows you to maximize your investment, even if your computers are depreciating
  • Fully automated and can be easily deployed on a network of gaming computers, no matter how far they can be located.
Автоматическое переключение монет для максимальной прибыльности

Автоматическое переключение алгоритма гарантирует, что вы всегда добываете самую прибыльную монету. Cudo Miner постоянно сканирует ценность и сложность монет, автоматически переключая ваши усилия по майнингу, чтобы обеспечить максимальную прибыльность в любой момент времени. Если вы опытный майнер и уже настроили аппаратное обеспечение для конкретной монеты (например, часы, память и настройки ядра), вы можете отключить автоматическое переключение алгоритма и вручную выбрать, какую монету добывать.

Расширенные настройки и элементы управления

Меню расширенных настроек Cudo Miner предоставляет вам инструменты, необходимые для разгона ваших графических процессоров и добавления предустановленных оптимизаций для каждого алгоритма хеширования. Производительность для каждой конфигурации отображается, поэтому вы можете сразу увидеть наилучшую производительность для вашего оборудования с полным журналом сохраненных исторических настроек, что позволяет вам вернуться к предыдущей версии одним нажатием кнопки.

Мощная веб-консоль

Управляйте производительностью, работоспособностью, мощностью и состоянием ваших устройств и контролируйте их на своем рабочем столе или в дороге с помощью специальной веб-консоли Cudo. Создавайте собственные шаблоны, отслеживайте комиссионные и выводите средства в свой собственный криптовалютный кошелек прямо из консоли. Душевное спокойствие, что вы всегда контролируете свое окружение.

Новая функция – конфигурации удаленного устройства

Последнее обновление теперь позволяет полностью удаленно управлять всеми вашими интеллектуальными устройствами, включая параметры разгона, а также полную систему шаблонов для настройки параметров, связанных с вашей организацией Cudo Miner. Это означает, что теперь ко всем настройкам майнинга для ваших устройств можно получить удаленный доступ, например, с помощью смартфона или ноутбука, через веб-консоль Cudo

Зарабатывайте, пока ваша система простаивает

Если у вас нет выделенной майнинг-установки, скорее всего, вы захотите убедиться, что майнинг не влияет на производительность вашего компьютера, пока вы его используете. Cudo Miner бездействует в фоновом режиме на вашем компьютере и будет интеллектуально начинать майнинг, когда система простаивает.

Cudo Miner Review

Several years ago, many miners used the NiceHash platform as a standard solution for mining and making good profits using affordable mining equipment without having to manually switch different coins and algorithms all the time. This continued until the platform was hacked, and although it was subsequently restarted and users began to receive partial compensation for what they lost due to the hack, the situation has not changed since then. Another thing that “helped” users to move to other places for mining or selling the hashrate of their mining rigs was the fall in the price of bitcoins and other alternative cryptocurrencies, which has been going on for quite some time, although we have already begun to see some recovery in recent months .

Therefore, we recently decided to try the latest NiceHash Miner  software, which uses the NiceHash platform to automatically mine the most profitable algorithm based on your mining equipment … we have not tracked this software for quite some time. time, especially after significant changes with the launch of a new and revised version of the platform was launched. Yes, now it has become more functional, but not so attractive for more advanced miners if you ask us, and even not so attractive or easy for beginners if you ask us based on our first impressions of the latest NH miner. That’s why we started looking for alternatives, and one of them attracted our attention – Cudo Miner, but more on that later.

NiceHash Miner Download CPU and GPU (Nvidia\AMD) miner for Windows

Let’s get back to NiceHash Miner, which, apparently, has turned into a nice, but not good enough and not very good option. Slow initial loading of miners, slow benchmarking subsequently and without problems at the same time, benchmarking problems when testing performance and actual mining on NiceHash, and not mining using your own wallet for you, and some other problems are what quickly pushed us to halfway through testing and trying to get the software to work after several hours. Of course, you can try, do not forget that in order to use it at present, you must first register on NiceHash, which was not required before, and this made things much easier, although without some restrictions.

This leads us to Cudo Miner as an alternative solution that we have been looking at for some time, but have not tried it yet, but recent unsatisfactory results with NiceHash Miner give us an incentive to test the alternative. The first impressions of this solution were that this is really what beginners and somewhat more advanced users expect from such a solution. Quick and easy installation and installation, a nice looking and informative graphical user interface, easy setup, monitoring and control … all this is and works much better and without problems, and we really like it.

By default, mining software runs on both an available processor and GPUs, while the processor currently only supports RandomX mining, and you can easily stop it and probably do it unless you have a high-performance processor in your mining settings. Fewer mining algorithms are available by default, but you can enable third-party miners and get more coins and algorithms as options to get the best mining results for the most profitable ones. Of course, the number is more limited than what is available, for example, in NiceHash, but here everything works surprisingly well, and the user is not left alone wondering what is happening or why something is not working the way it should be . Things happen in the background and work without disturbing the user, something that is not liked by less advanced users, but maybe not so good for more advanced miners on the other hand.

Of course, not everything is perfect, and there is something else desirable, for example, if you use Ethereum on GDDR5X GPUs, it seems that ETHlargementPill is not used to maximize performance, although if you run it manually, everything works with an improved hashrate. Additional algorithms and coins can be useful to maximize performance, and using the latest versions of third-party miners can further reduce the number of problems and increase the hashrate, although it can still be a two-sided sword.

OhGodAnETHlargementPill – Таблетка для майнинга GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti (DOWNLOAD)

We also liked the Cudo Miner web-based monitoring and control interface, which is simple and straightforward, without confusing users. We received a somewhat unexpected bonus of 5000 Satoshi for registering in the service, then decided that we want to receive payment in bitcoins (you can also receive payment in the cryptocurrency of the miner) or convert it to BTC. One thing that we didn’t really like was the rather high initial mining fee, which is charged for your service, starting from 6.5% and decreasing depending on your mining income over the past 30 days, so it will take some time As long as you get a lower fee, if you have only one rig, it should be faster with more rigs to get a more reasonable 2.5-3%. Whether higher mining fees will be offset by increasing profits from mining, and you don’t have to worry about monitoring and switching between coins, algorithms and miners, I hope so.


So, in short, our first impressions of Cudo Miner are very positive, although there are some things that probably need to be considered. We still haven’t tried everything; there is also a separate Linux-based OS for mining (CudoOS), and not just a mining client that you can run on Windows. Support for ASIC mining is also available, although there you need to use a standard connection to the reservoir pool, and it will be more like standard mining for them, but you will still have one place to monitor them. These and some other things need extra time for testing, but, again, our initial impressions are quite positive, and we recommend that users who are new to mining and do not want to worry about constantly monitoring and switching to their mining settings to provide the service. go and see if this is good for them.

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