Bitwala launches Bitcoin-enabled banking application in 30 countries


The German blockchain startup Bitwala has launched a banking application with an integrated Bitcoin wallet. This was reported on the company’s website.

The application is available for devices on iOS and Android. With it, residents of 30 European countries can open an account with a German bank in a few minutes. To do this, use the video identification function. Users can also receive a Mastercard debit card with the possibility of depositing funds in the amount of up to € 100 thousand.

A key feature of the application is an integrated Bitcoin wallet. According to representatives of Bitwala, it can be used for everyday finance. For example, users can buy BTC directly from their bank account. Then send them to friends and relatives, while retaining control of private keys.

Last December, Bitwala officially launched its updated cryptocurrency service. Which offers users a single bank account with support for bitcoin, fiat and debit cards. Thanks to the partnership with solarisBank, platform users can also trade bitcoin directly from their account.

Also recall, last month, the startup Bitwala raised 13 million euros with the support of the Japanese corporation Sony.

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