Coinbase has closed the service of the mass purchase of cryptocurrency Coinbase Bundle


The American stock exchange cryptocurrency Coinbase has suspended support for the investment service Coinbase Bundle, according to the information in the FAQ section on its website.

The company does not explain the reasons for its decision and only notifies users:“The purchase through the Coinbase Bundle was stopped. All assets acquired through the Coinbase Bundle were returned to their owners at the corresponding wallet addresses. ”

Coinbase also notes that a separate wallet tied to the Coinbase Bundle will no longer be available to users.

The service was launched by the exchange last September as a solution for novice crypto investors, through which they could acquire five leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic) in proportions corresponding to their market capitalizations. The minimum investment amount was $ 25.

Together with the service, the exchange launched a specialized page where users could find out how much money they would have at the moment if they had invested $ 100 in Coinbase Bundle a year ago. So, in December 2018, the service reported that the $ 100-dollar portfolio turned into a $ 20-dollar.

Shortly after the opening of the Coinbase Bundle, the exchange closed a similar index fund targeting institutional investors. Then she explained her decision to low customer interest.

This week, the exchange attempted to attract new users in another way – it launched a signal service that is supposed to allow newcomers to copy the actions of more experienced market participants.