Blockchain to preserve cultural heritage?


A team of researchers from China’s Tsinghua University filed a patent application. According to which blockchain technology can be used to protect cultural heritage.

Заявка на патент была подана еще в апреле 2018 года. Из опубликованной недавно информации стало известно, о том что 3 преподавателя университета разработали концепт системы. Системы, которая способна хранить и передавать цифровые версии имеющих культурное значение объектов.

The blockchain system developed in Tsinghua works in 2 main stages. The first is a three-dimensional scan, thanks to which a culturally valuable object is stored digitally. At the second stage, the system automatically saves all received data to the blockchain using hashing.

At the first stages, the researchers proposed to preserve all the cultural objects located now in museums. Ultimately, this blockchain is planned to be turned into a consortium, and everyone can offer their data with cultural value to be added to the next block.

Also from the patent it became clear that the blockchain will consist of two parts: private and public. First of all, all new objects will be added to the private blockchain network and only then exported to the public version.

The whole system is based on the uniqueness of the blockchain, the information in which it is impossible to forge. This will keep the culturally valuable data intact. Ultimately, the use of our system will help to reduce the cost of storing culturally significant objects. – from the patent

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