Binance cryptocurrency exchange domains undergo DDoS attack

Binance cryptocurrency exchange domains undergo DDoS attack

The Chinese domains of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange underwent a “targeted DDoS attack” this Wednesday.

“Users could experience delays and interruptions in network access,” wrote Changpen Zhao, CEO of Binance. – Judging by the attack scheme, our self-named competitors are behind it. No need to worry. The system is in order, the assets are safe. ”

In addition, on Tuesday, Binance sent its customers a survey letter regarding the user interface, duplicating it in English and Chinese. This caused concern among users who suggested that a phishing attack was being conducted against them. At the same time, letters were protected by a valid individual user anti-phishing code. The Binance support team confirmed the authenticity of the letters, but did not spread the reasons for the resubmission.

Also, shortly before this publication, Binance announced an airdrop for traders, which will distribute 3 million Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) tokens worth about $ 150,000. The airdrop is dedicated to the launch of DATA / USDT and DATA / BUSD trading pairs. To participate, you must gain a trading volume of at least 150,000 DATA. The share of each user will be determined based on the individual trading volume.

Earlier this week, Binance officially launched its mining Bitcoin mining pool.

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